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Terms & Conditions


Every effort is made to ensure all images are a true representation of the finished product, however there may be slight variations due to screen resolution, the browser used, etc. Due to the handmade nature of the jewellery, there are slight variations in size and colour between individual pieces. 

In the unlikely event of the goods delivered not corresponding to the order, we must be informed by telephone or email within 7 working days of the delivery. You will then be advised on how the problem will be rectified.

Orders are accepted at DeeLyn's discretion. If for any reason an order placed cannot be completed you will be informed of this without delay and any payments made will be refunded in full.


All rights, including copyright, relating to the content of this website are owned by DeeLyn Walsh. Copying any material from this site, in whole or in part, is prohibited unless prior written consent is provided by DeeLyn. All intellectual property rights inherent to the designs and products are, and will remain, the property of DeeLyn Walsh. Any attempted infringements of these rights will be actively contested.